Johanna Sellman

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Johanna Sellman

Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures; Co-Founder, The Global Mediterranean

325 Hagerty Hall
1775 S College Rd
Columbus, OH 43210

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Areas of Expertise

  • Contemporary Arabic literature
  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Translation Studies
  • Theatre and Performance Studies

Sellman CV

Johanna Sellman earned an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and a PhD in Comparative Literature from The University of Texas at Austin. Her research interests include contemporary Arabic and francophone literature, migration literature, gender studies, and Arab diasporic theatre.

Johanna Sellman’s current book project, Borders of Belonging: Imagined Citizenship in Arabic Migration Literature, explores contemporary Arabic literary narratives of migration to Europe that re-imagine citizenship through the encounter with borders. It traces the emergence of a post-1990s Arabic literature of migration written from the perspective of refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants and others who find themselves outside of normatively defined citizenship. In doing so, the book draws attention to a sustained yet multifaceted engagement with questions of borders, borderlands, and citizenship in contemporary Arabic literature. The book also puts the focus on shifting modes of writing migration in Arabic literature, especially the emergence of speculative genres and approaches that decenter understandings of borders, mobility, and more.

In NELC, Johanna Sellman teaches courses in Arabic language and literature, comparative literature, literature and gender, contemporary Arab cultures, and translation studies. Her teaching draws on intercultural and critical pedagogy to create classroom spaces that are inclusive and vibrant.


Recent publications include:

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