Rachel Hopkin

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Rachel Hopkin

CHiP Postdoc



Areas of Expertise

  • Folklore
  • Music
  • Radio Production
  • Croissants
  • Argentine Tango


  • MA, Folk Studies, Western Kentucky University
  • BMus, Trinity College of Music
  • Diploma of Music, Kodaly Institute of Music

Rachel Hopkin is a British-born and US-based radio producer and folklorist who graduated with a PhD in English and Folklore from OSU in December 2019 (Her dissertation was titled: “Argentine Tango in Cincinnati: An Ethnographic Study of Ethos, Affect, Gender, and Ageing in a Midwestern Dance Community”.)

Rachel joined the OSU Humanities Collaboratory and Center for Folklore Studies as a Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme 2021-2022 Post Doctoral Scholar. In that role, her duties include making the Folklore Archives collections more accessible to the general public, and helping to reactivate the Center for Humanities in Practice program, which provides opportunities and guidance for humanities PhDs to learn about careers outside the university setting.

Rachel began her career as a radio producer in various music departments at the BBC in the UK. She then began working on an independent basis, first from Argentina, and then from the USA, where she settled in 2010. She earned an MA in Folk Studies at Western Kentucky University two years later. In 2013, she was awarded a rare “National Interest Waiver” Green Card in recognition of her work as a folklorist/radio producer with a special focus on US traditional culture. As of January 2019, she is a naturalized US citizen.

Rachel’s recent professional accomplishments include producing and hosting the Center for Folklore Studies’ Covid Conversations: Life in a Time of Corona podcast and the Real Issues: Real Conversations podcast for Ohio Humanities. Many of her other radio pieces - including documentaries about music and folklore which she produced for the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Company, and other broadcasters around the world - can be accessed on the Audio Gallery page of her website: www.rachelhopkin.com.

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