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The Center for the Humanities in Practice promotes career diversity

among graduate students at Ohio State University.



Career Diversity means:

  • Enabling graduate students to put their skills and interests to work inside and outside the academy
  • Mobilizing university resources to support professional and career development among graduate students
  • Connecting graduate students with opportunities in the central Ohio community and beyond.
  • Advancing faculty and staff awareness of the broad range of career opportunities open to graduate students


Humanities Without Walls Predoctoral Summer Workshop

As part of the Humanities Without Walls consortium, Ohio State University nominates graduate students to attend a 3-week summer workshop for pre-doctoral graduate students in Chicago. The workshop brings together cohorts of thirty graduate students from across the country for skills-building, networking, and intensive discussions with organizers of public humanities projects, leaders of university presses and learned societies, experts in the various domains of the digital humanities, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and holders of important non-faculty positions in colleges and universities (academic administrators, student services professionals, librarians and archivists, development officers, and others). For more information about the program, please consult the HWW website.  The 2022 Career Diversity Workshop will take place in Ann Arbor, MI, hosted by the University of Michigan.

Faculty-Staff Institute on Career Diversity: June 2022

CHiP is currently assembling a team of faculty and staff members to attend a workshop on promoting career diversity hosted by Humanities Without Walls and Marquette University in June 2022.  Drawing on lessons learned from HWW's Predoctoral Summer Workshop, the FSI aims to build capacity for addressing issues surrounding graduate student careers and employment.  Participants will receive stipends and help organize career-diversity events across the region in 2022-23. 

University Resources on Career Diversity

The OSU Graduate School maintains a page dedicated to career development for graduate students.  This includes access to The Versatile Ph.D., an on-line community for those interested in exploring non-academic career opportunities, and Imagine Ph.D., a career development and exploration tool for the humanities and social sciences.

The ASC's Center for Career and Professional Success maintains a list of resources specifically for graduate students. contact Jessamyn Cox ( for more information.

The OSU Alumni Association provides access to AlumniFire, a networking community that connects you with OSU Alums, including Ph.D's, willing to provide informational interviews, mentoring and other forms of career guidance.